Connected Temples

The Kadaampuzha Vishnu Temple situated on the northern side of the Bhagavathy temple is ancient, at least 2000 years old. The presiding deity here is Vishnu. It used to be a very prosperous temple and the Sustaining Lord delighted in making His devotees rich. The passage of time destroyed the beautiful outbuildings, so that the sanctum alone remains now, yet the Lord is as benevolent as ever. The temple overlooks vast expanses of paddy fields and the scenery is breathtaking. An artist or architect might shun this small temple but a true devotee is sure to find a visit here very rewarding indeed.

Chittoor Namboodiripad was the spiritual advisor of the Zamorins of Calicut and had the right to be caretaker administrators of Calicut when the ruling Zamorin died.  Consequently the Zamorins used to be the devotees of Cherpil Bhagavathy. One of them built the Thaliyilappan temple adjoining the Bhagavathy temple to the south. Here the presiding deity is Lord Vishnu, the deity of Zamorin’s own Thali temple at Calicut. This temple is also small but has wonderful Chaithanya. We used to have Thiruvonam Vaaram, Veda singing and feast, every month here. Childless couples pray here to beget heirs and in the recent times one of them had so many that he stopped going to the temple! Here Lord Vishnu manifests Himself in imperial majesty so that the devotees themselves enjoy royal splendour.

The Kizhattully Lakshmi Narasimha Temple opposite the Thaliyilappan temple, strictly speaking isn’t connected to the Bhagavathy temple. But devotees coming to offer prayers to Bhagavathy usually pays homage in this temple situated in the premises of the ancient Chittoor Mana as well as at the sanctum inside the Mana itself. This temple was built by a Swamiyar of Chittoor Mana and the deity here is supposed to have the same Chaithanya as that of Thrissur Thekke Madom. The Swamiyar who built this temple is consecrated within the compound. There is also a small sanctum dedicated to Sastha.