Main Sevas

The most important offering here is Chathussatham, made of coconut, jaggery, rice Kadali Banana fruits and Ghee. The cost comes to Rs………

The temple uses coconut oil for the lamps which is unusual. The devotees offer Niramala; lighting thousands of wicks all round the temple. The poorer devotees offer small quantities of coconut oil. The Niramala comes to Rs…………..

Neippayasam, is another sweet dish which Bhagavathy likes particularly. Mala, garland of flowers, is another important Seva here.

Bhagavathy really loves Veda. The devotees can offer Murajapam where a scholar recites Veda.

A special Seva is to offer Neippayasam on three successive Thiruvonams. This is to beget bridegrooms.

Bhoomi Pooja helps take care of the devotees problems regarding their housing needs and real estate.

Thrikala Pooja: The devotees offer the three Poojas of a day. Or they can offer Udayasthamana Pooja, 18 Poojas in a day. Bhagavathy fulfils all their wishes.

An extremely beneficent Seva is the Navapradakshina, going round the temple nine times in circumambulation on Fridays.