Kerala which stretched from Gokarna to Kanyakumari was in the ancient times divided into 64 Gramas or settlements out of which 32 were in Malanadu which is in the present day Kerala. Of this Peruvanam was one of the biggest and greatest. Erattayappan, the main deity of the Peruvanam Temple, the Grama Kshetram presided over the Grama while Thiruvullakkavu Sastha the Grama Paradevatha was the protector of the Grama and Cherpil Bhagavathy blessed her children with Her Maternal Love.

The temple over the years was governed by five Ooralans, the families of Kirangat Mana, Chittoor Mana, Padinjaredathu Mana, Ambalappilly Mana and Pazhedath Mana. The temple was the centre of Yajurveda and month long Othoottus, Veda chanting followed by mass feasts were conducted every year.